A Beautiful war

Without pain there is no progress and without progress there is no growth. Pain changes us some for the better and some for the worse. Life is filled with perils endeavors triumphs and failures. We are the sovereigns of our lives, we must learn to transmute pain and failure into fuel. The lesson and the message can be found in failure, that’s why failures and short comings are so salient. We are spirits having a human experience, we get a chance to feel joy, pain, love, happiness and sadness. To feel and experience these emotions is to be alive, everybody dies but not everbody lives. Many are alive but very few are living.

The whole purpose of life is to experience it, it’s the portal of ascension for the soul. We only gain knowledge and wisdom through the experiences we have. The soul needs to be nourished and fed through elevation spiritually. We must acknowledge there are no coincidences everything happens for a reason. Life is special because we get to experience it from our own realm of reality from parallel dimensions. We actually make up the metaverse because we all are present in our own worlds, in which we give others access to inhabit our lives. Sometimes we win sometimes we lose, we are all going through something on our own level of comprehension.

All the things that are meant to break us, are the same things designed to build us. The war we battle on the inside, is the war against self to elevate. Weather we like it or not the universe is forever pushing us. Once there is no room left to grow in this realm we are propelled to the next one. The soul seeks serenity and a harmonious balance. That’s why when your chakras are out of alignment, you fall heir to life’s problems and hardships. Life is not easy because it’s not supposed to be easy. There is no ascension where there is idle time and no challenges.

We do not happen to life, life happens to us. Our growth knowledge and ancension is like a souvenir of our experiences here on earth. We must live and keep experiencing life because death is the only guarantee in life. Once we fully understand life we will be much more appreciative of death, which is not the end but only the beginning. Studies have proven that alive we only tap into three percent of our DNA, the other ninety seven percent is activated when we die. So my question is, Are we really alive and is any of this real? If life is the beautiful war then death must be the sweet victory. We must set the stage provide a clear purpose and reflect on our personal endeavors.

Gregory Standley

“A luta continua, vitória é certa” 

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