Understanding how a God Loves

I remember the first time I experienced unconditional love, it came from my mother. She passed away just when I was a teenager but the impact she left on me in those few years sculpted a significant part of my character. The love a mother has for their child can not be matched and is everlasting. She didn’t love me based upon conditions but solely because I came from her. The creation of her and my father, conceived under lofty pure love. Most have their perception of what love is and how love should be. Whether it’s romantic or non romantic there is only one true way to love. Only when you understand Godly love the key to liberation is revealed.

True love indistinguishable alike the love God gives, it requires ascension elevation and a higher vibration of self. True love starts with understanding and loving self first. You must learn yourself acknowledge the good bad and the flawed version of you. Everything about your character is what makes you unique and the sovereign of your life. We must learn to accept what we don’t like about ourselves but transmute it into valuable characteristics, it is then when we learn to accept and love others. Love requires understanding patience investments and empathy. True pure love comes from loving without condition, no matter the situation or time.

True love is everlasting indefatigable and without constrain. True love is healing its healthy and liberating without standard of comparison. To understand the way a God loves one must become a God or Goddess, to be conscious of self and all knowing leads to realization. True love never fades or prostrate but is secure and well fortified with impenetrable robustness. We as human don’t understand love or how to love because we are emotional conditional creatures, we do not know how to control desires or contain our impulsive behavior. We are triggered by circumstances conditions and instant gratification. If something is not fulfilling or stroking our ego we immidiately discard it.

We must learn to invest and nurture the things we want to grow. The apple seed did not start out as a tree, and even when it became a tree it didn’t straight away bear fruit. It took time nurturing and patience to enjoy the bearing of its succulent fruit. We as human need to be stimulated repeatedly over and over to feel desired, only because we have not matured and we are impudent mortals. We crave instant gratification which pertains to why technology is forever evolving. I personally think technology is hindering us and making us idle beings. True love unconditional love is the love received from a God or Goddess on a higher vibrational level, humans have not become proficient in this and maybe never master it.

Love is the reason to live, love is the structure in which all foundation is built upon. We must cherish true love when it is conjured and reciprocated, the rarity upon which it rest is all the significance needed to be compelled to. Man love for reason Gods love for ascension and the power retrieved from being vulnerable. We have not mastered love in this lower vibrating realm, only when we step into the unknown and allow ourselves to be vulnerable to the undivulged is when we begin inner growth. Unconditional love, simply put, is love without strings attached. It’s love you offer freely. You don’t base it on what someone does for you in return. You simply love them and want nothing more than their happiness. This type of love, sometimes called compassionate or agape love, might sound somewhat familiar. When a man is full of love, he is full of the lords glory, pure and mighty!

There is a vibration in love that only the true worthy can dwell in its frequency!

Gregory Standley

Gregory Standley

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