Accountability minus victim mentality

Accountability minus the victim mentality, equals a healed ascended human being. The key to self growth and serenity is, changing the way we think as individuals. We focus so much on who wronged us and what they did or said to hinder us, crowning ourselves the protagonist and them the antagonist. In life nothing just happens without reason, which is why we have cause and effect. The victim mentality distorts a vivid reason why certain things keep occurring in our lives. Once we accept accountability of the role we play in every situation, things become more translucent. If we don’t love and respect ourselves, it shows through what we allow others to do to us and how they treat us.

We are responsible for demanding our respect and teaching others how we want to be treated. If we allow disrespect half efforts and intolerable behavior, it is because we repetitively said it was okay to do so. “I am sorry” without changed behavior is your cue to walk away or remove certain people out of your life. We all have this gift called intuition, which is harnessed in the solar plexus (The gut) that spiritually let us know something is not right. Majority of the time we disregard our intuition and all the red flags, later to be disappointed and deeply hurt.we must take accountability, it is important in the healing process. The example of every alpha male was once a plugged in beta male, until he started to understand holding himself accountable for his failures was the issue is prolific.

We must understand the fact that if we change how we think and perceive things, we change our lives for the better. The secret of getting ahead is, raising your awareness. If we are aware then we can be held accountable for everything that transpire in our lives. If we take a moment and view our lives in retrospect, from third person point of view we can see our faults. All of the subtle red flags were present, our gut instinct warned us of certain things and people. Many times we noticed the signs but yet we still ignored them, then we place ourselves as the victim in a total oblivious manner. We are responsible for our mental emotional and spiritual well being, it is immature to place blame on others for instability in our lives. If you are ever thinking of throwing a pity party for victim, make sure you send a special invite for Mr and Mrs accountability.

Gregory Standley

“Accountability is the victim’s kryptonite”

Gregory Standley

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