Invisible Demons

The mind reminds us of what’s in the heart, the heart illuminates what’s harnessed in the subconscious. The subconscious is a direct download from the soul. The soul is a receptor for the universe vibrational frequencies. Every since birth we are poised to play the character of this artificial Avatar. We are programmed and molded into life’s false narratives, in which blatantly propels us out of natural synchronicity. Anxiety depression and suicide is the soul way of telling us, I am who I am and who I’m not I could never be. Suicide can be prevented by, letting the soul naturally become in alignment with it’s vibration in hertz.

People who are suicidal or struggling with depression and anxiety are not sick, they are fighting an internal battle which emphasizes daily a restless soul. What these souls must master is emotional stability and the art of silencing the mind, which can be achieved through meditation exercise and self awareness. They must combat the voice inside if they want to dwell in this realm amongst impudent mortals. The soul is immortal but to ascend it must have human experiences to help it grow. Being stuck in the moment of not being understood and torn between I want to live or die, is not sickness but the surrendering of suffering.

I too fight this battle, I have for years but I elevated my soul by self awareness. I now understand that the body is just transportation for the soul in this realm, and those invisible Demons are there to push my soul to the greatest pinnacle of ascension.

The meaning of life according to:

Platonism– learn more
Aristotelianism– be good
Cynicism– be self sufficient
Hendonism– have pleasure now
Epicureanism– free yourself from pain
Stoicism– be logical,don’t suffer
Classical liberalism– defend individual liberty
Kantianism– do as you’d have others do, your duty
Nihilism– do anything life has no meaning
Pragmatism– bring the most good things to human
Theism– follow gods will
Existentialism– make decisions and be positive
Absurdism– stop making sense of life just live
Humanism– act in self interest and common good
Logical positivism– life has no meaning until you give it one
Natural pantheism– care for nature
Mohism– love people partially
Confucianism– live an ordinary life
Legalism– learn impractical things
Utilitarianism– you get what you give
Cyrenaicism– live in the present and seek maximum pleasure now

Gregory Standley

Death is only another portal! -unknown-

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