Semen retention

What is semen retention? Semen retention refers to when a person intentionally avoids ejaculating. A person can do this by abstaining from any sexual activity, stopping before the point of ejaculation, or teaching themselves to orgasm without ejaculating. People have different reasons for trying it, from physical to emotional to spiritual.

Some other names for semen retention are:

  • coitus reservatus
  • seminal conservation
  • sexual continence

It’s also part of practices such as:

People point toward a variety of benefits to semen retention, such as:


  • more confidence and self-control
  • less anxiety and depression
  • increased motivation
  • better memory, concentration, and overall cognitive function


  • greater vitality
  • increased muscle growth
  • thicker hair, deeper voice
  • improved sperm quality


  • deeper relationships
  • stronger life force
  • better overall happiness

Semen retention is harnessing your life force, it’s your power as a man on a godly level. When a man learns to control his desires and emotions, he becomes the sovereign of his own life. A supreme ruler with supreme power is what semen retention gives a man. He becomes more attractive and increases his testosterone not only that, he is very more likely to accomplish goals he has set. Semen has the ability to create a whole life so just imagine what’s inside of you, when you keep that power harnessed. Semen retention proponents cite a myriad of positive mental and emotional outcomes to this practice. You may notice a reduction of stress or anxiety in your daily life, along with a corresponding increase in motivation when it comes to your work, completing projects around the house, or the pursuit of other goals.

Practicing semen retention and abstaining from marijuana, has taken my life to a lofty place that is undescribable. Living life in this third dimensional realm weighs heavy on the mental and physicality of not only a man but people in general. Once we learn how to master ourselves and maneuver in this life, our destiny is for certain attainable. A man should be filled with vigor goals and life, he should always be striving to better himself. A man living in his purpose daily while elevating himself spiritually mentally and physically should not be a choice but a priority. A giant looking in a mirror only see a person but to others he is all mighty and a king of his domain.

Gregory Standley

Discipline will take you places motivation can’t

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